Spotlight: Don Royal (Skellefteå, Sweden) of Royal Blend


Earlier this week we touched based with the lovely Johanna Larsson and who lives in northern Sweden in a small town called Skellefteå.  

Johanna generously shared her story and some recentphotographs with us. 

To follow their journey together make sure to follow Johanna + Don Royal on Instagram @larssonlarsson


Don Royal   e: Royal Blend    ue: Don Gregory Born 2008, but only ridden properly for 1.5 years and began competing May 2017.  


I bought Don Royal in August 2016 from a lovely family, where the mother unfortunately broke her back a few years ago falling off of a horse. They purchased Don Royal when he was 4 years old from the breeders Lena och Ulrik Kristensen in Denmark. They bought him as an promising dressage prospect, but they really never got the chance to do something with him because of her accident. 

When they tried to sell him, he bucked everyone off! My friend and I were a few of the only ones that stayed on and they really thought that he chose me! He had the nicest eyes you could imagine, and I fell in love at first sight!


A few weeks later the work began. He suffered from "cold back" (he got panic when the saddle got on his back and he usually bucked away). I fell off a few times and got really scared, because it's a long way down from a horse that's 1.75m tall! But I never gave up. I got the best trainer who helped and believed in me!

My plan was to practice all year and compete in dressage in the  2018 season, but I got really brave and so the competing began! 

After a summer and autumn of competing, we placed in almost every competition.  We won and beat out riders and horses with lots and lots of experience. And the best part was that I accomplished this with a horse where I (with help of my trainer) did all the work. 

If it wasn't for his lovely personality I may not have overcome my fear. He is like a big dog, as kind as he is tall. I really love him and would not ever change this horse for anything!

Photos courtesy of Johanna Larsson.

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